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About the nonsence and accepting it with open arms or How Tinker Bell was a horrible Enterpreuner.

Today, I was eating in my terrase pretending that the sun was doing me good but actualy the wind was fucking me up and making my hair go into my mouth along with the rize. The rize was really good: carrot, garlic, onion, peppers, peper, paprika some tomato sauce with salt and sugar for not being so acid, the rize cooked with laurel and garlic so you feel the flavor... I was openly feeling like the best cook but I was lying to myself (Tania would say: agaaaain?): all the taste, deep inside I knew it was because of: VEGETA.

"Vegeta" is a mix of spices, powder and salt typical from Croatia that gives the same taste to everything and makes everything good:

Piece of dog shit?

 Will be great!

So i started thinking about this little things that we do to ourselves in a normal daily basis. Like thinking that your food is good because you add Vegeta, and I thought

Why did I do that? Why did I add this Vegeta?

Look, I cooked for 1 hour, I cut all the vegetables, did the garlic first then the paprika with the onion and they I added the rest so everything was perfect should be great so..... why did I do it?

I ended up with many ideas:

1. I like to feel croatian using one of their most typical products.
2. Actually I have no faith in myself so I add it even that It could totally go without it because I was cooking seeking that but I just cannot trust even myself so I rather add that and then lie my own brain thinking that it was my special powers which did the magic.
3. The products that we buy and have are mostly horrible and tasteless so society it's not only making kind of syntetic plastic tomatoes and carrots so they don't have taste at all but they have the need to invent also something that will restore the taste that your ingredients lost.

Somehow I feel vegeta like the little powder that Tinker Bell had in Peter Pan's movie for flying but with flavour: companies take away the flavour of things and then they give it you separatly like if you had to buy the hole experience of eating by fascicles (don't know if the translation it's ok, but I want to say like this little cars or boat the you buy with the magazines piece by piece), so like this boats or houses or replicas of the M-84 Yugoslavian Tank, you should buy your eating experience little by little: first you by the tasteless products: you buy the colour and the volumen of your meal and then you buy the flavour apart: vegeta or any other little powder that you would like: vegetables, chicken, veal, pork, fish, etc.

(I wrote "vegetables" because in this sence the company that provides flavour to the world considers "vegetables" as a general flavour, it makes not so much distinction. Also and starting a paralel conversation, this does not only happens with "vegetables" but with the rest of flavours, for example, you will buy "fish flavour" but you don't know what kind of fish it is, where it lives, river fish? sea fish? octopus? what's his color, size, etc... it is a general "fish", or "pork flavour" don't know which pork it was: pink?black?multi color? fat? from vietnam? did he stinck when he was alive?, was maybe a she? We don't's a "general concept of pork".

This idea of "general conception of living beings like: animals and plants" took back me to the idea of Matrix and the "there is no spoon but the concept of it" there are not carrots, tomatoes or onions but the general concept of it: "vegetables". what makes a thing what it is? what makes a tomatoe a tomatoe? it's flavour? it's color? it's genetical code? don't a days everything was already genetically changed for surviving the plagues that God sends from time to time.

I kind of imagine a future where you will have to buy some powder of color if not you will just eat grey things that taste like "general something" and once again the prettines will be only for those who can pay for it.

Money can buy flavours and colours, money can buy better textures and fluffy things, a good smell, and softer paper toilet.)


We cover ourselves with vegeta with make up with deodorant with clothes that show how we feel... we cover our food and our bodies because we don't want anybody (not even ourselves) to notice that actually both stink. We eat shit and that's what we produce.

There is no spoon, only it's concept. There is no food only coloured shit that we put in our mouths full of powder. There are no humans only flesh and bones with the right smell, colour and flavor: with the right cover.

It's amazing how everybody agrees when you say that "good and bad are really subjective" but most of the population on earth agrees that your own natural sweat it's disgusting but Chanel N4 it's amazingly good.

"We hate so much ourselves that eating your own nails is horrible but buying shit in McDonalds is best idea ever".

terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

"The Eyebrown": Main Concept of Zagreb Sexual Object

*Note of the Reader: Before reading this post, you should know the meaning of the word "Pincelinho/Pinceliño".

"Pinceliño" (For Me), "Pincelinho" (For Tania) or "Pincelinjo" (For Croatians): Adjective given to pretty girls and boys in Zagreb. They make a difference using their best weapons such as: pure total make up mask, hard all body depilation, big smart phones and not going in groups of more than 3 in order not to collapse each others beauties and EYEBROWNS.

The eyebrown, Ohhhh the eyebrown, It's above the eye and most of the times is brown....O sweet and care taken Eyebrown, so much different types? Which one to choose to fit in this culture? Mc-8819-I, the "Evil One"? or the MC-8819-3, the "Mega Evil One"?? Maybe something more like "Straight MC-8819-11?

What do this Eyebrowns try to tell? Why so many different? Which kind of message do we send with them?


Wikipedia says: "It is believed by anthropologists that the main function of the eyebrow is to prevent moisture, mostly salty sweat and rain from flowing into the eye."

And we think..."Do this Pinceliños care about the sweat and rain?" and most important: "Do this pinceliños even sweat? Does the rain even touches them?"

Also taken from Wikipedia: Physicologist also say "eyebrows also have an important facilitative function in communication, strengthening expressions, such as surprise, anger or sexiness"
 Of course it makes a lot of sense that for communicating we need expression: imaging that a guy is huging you but not because he loves you but because he's holding a gun pointing at your back to you have to give him all the money...


Here's comes the concept: "THE EYEBROWN" that reveleas your physicological state of mind so you can send a message of "fear" or even "help" (if you have super control of your eyebrowns).
You can also send several kind of messages depending of the position of your eyebrown, for example:

 Here you can see 3 different states of mind and how eyebrowns are changing depending the message you would like to send to the rest or even to yourself if you are going deep infront of a mirror. Also the mouth plays a really big role in here.

Now, as we intelligently can see in this picture post by "", a web page that doesn't leave clear if it's "Like a Lady" in the sense of being "Similar to a Lady, whatever that means" or if it's "Like A Lady" in the sense of "the webpage creator are advicing you to Like Ladies, well not in general, only One "A Lady", "The Lady", "The Chosen One (Lady)", they really don't care about which Lady you choose but Like one Of them.

In the picture we can see the different kinds of depilation you can have depending of the "constant face" that you would like to have.

"Forever young"- They said.

"Forever Young" it's imposible, it's not in "LikeaLady"'s Eyebrown catalogue, BUUUUUUUTTTT you can be "Forever Exotic Natural" or even "Forever Sexy Thick". Even if you are not in a good moment of your life or either you are but you just don't feel like showing, you are able to be "Forever Dramatic Thin" or "Mysterious Natural"...

It's sound like a really good idea, right? Who would not like to be "Forever Sophisticated Thick"? Imagine...doesn't matter you are drinking beer from the shoe of a homeless while your feet are swimming in a pool full with vomit, THE BOSS OF CHANEL or APPLE WILL COME AND HIRE YOU, FOR SURE! because you chose "Forever Sophisticated Mode".

It doesn't matter if your are a chinese clon exactly the same as other clones as part of an experiment, if you choose "Exotic Thin" you would be "Exotic" and different, never the same. "What kind of exotiness??" We don't know, "Exotic" in general.

Sounds great, but....coming back to the point of are being robed in the middle of a bar, with a gun in your back, you would like to scream and ask for help but instead: "Sexy Thick" comes out.
Or you are seeing how your dog is killed by tigers in Indonesia, you would like to express "pain" or "sadness" but instead, again wrong feeling: "Seductive Natural".

Zagreb it's a hard city in which you have to choose a feeling and wear it at least during 1 week, some even 2 weeks, there's no place for freedom.


quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2016

Bate forte... o Tico Tico no Fubá

“Bate forte o tambor,
Eu quero é tic tic tic tic tac…”

“O Tico Tico ‘tá,
‘tá outra vez aqui,
o Tico Tico ‘tá comendo meu fubá!”.

This lyrics were in my mind… in our minds, the entire week when we were preparing the flashmob.
Da, da, da! We did a flashmob!
It took place in Tkalciceva street (the street full of cafés and bars in the city center) and the purpose of it was to promote our Brazilactica Festival.
It was a very good experience and we really had lots of fun!
We gather 14 people, we rehearsed two times and booooom…!!

The song we danced was a mix of a few brazilian songs (more contemporary like funk, or more classic, like “Tico Tico no Fubá”, a famous song performed by Carmen Miranda in the 40’s).
Everyone was very dedicated and learned really fast. We all did a very good job, and above all we understand that: we all can dance (and do it super dobro!), we can accomplish our goals, and that we can have fun while doing it!! 

I leave you here Tico Tico no Fubá:

Last week I dreamed about the sea 2 times! It was really the moment to go on the coast!!
So, I did my bag and leave to Istria.

How it’s can be pretty this Istria?

It was very good to visit Rovinj and Porec with my friend Marija.
Marija is a very lovely istrian girl that I met in the Açores, last summer. We didn’t spend so much time together back then, and I didn’t know her that much. Even so, she was promptly ready to show me around! Aiiii, how I feel happy when people are gentle like that!
On Saturday I got to know her better, and I am very happy to have kept the contact with her: Marija is a very nice person! And she took me to really pretty places!
Again, and again… lucky me!!

You want some pictures? Ok, ok!!

In the meanwhile, Else and me we are still working in Brazilactica festival so everything works decently!
And so far… so good! 

You can check the programme here:

Vidimo se.

terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2016

Easy guide to survive in Balkans & One love. One heart. One Bosnian Wedding: Two Drunk EVSs.

This two last weeks were pretty "moving for us" and because I really cannot express some of this feelings with words: a picture is worth a thousand of them! So...

Merche and Me went on autostop around the Balkans and we discover that is SO EASY and SAFE and GRATEFUL and EXPERIENCING and GREAT and FUNTASTIC and EVERYTHING:

This was our route, a little crazy of going and coming back but was not bad for two begginers...:
 And then...PRETTINESS
We learnt that Rumanians are not those meat lovers and palinka drinkers that everybody told us in Timisoara: A wonderful city made for us. Clean, pretty and full of good restaurants (a lot of vegetarian ones)
 We discovered Beograd by the friendly Mexican friend Adrián that was The Best guide in this amazing city full of live, young people, good vibes and night life for the cool ones!
We were building our friendship while we discover other cultures and countries that were actually not so different from ours!

That's how we arrived to Novi Sad, maybe my favourite city: Full of live, alternative markets, streets, people, music, etc. It also helpped that we were with two amazing DJs from Serbia and Mexico... that make our staying wonderful and rich in food, knowledge and dogs =)

  And that's how we end up our tryp in Slavonski Brod taking our last car back to Zagreb... With a smile on our faces, a "Zagreb" poster (so cool made by our Novi Sad friends) and a bag full of experiences and dirty underware...


Our coordinator got married, we try to convince her not to do it...but well, guess love is stronger that "not love"!!

 And this is what happened....

 Tania drunk her second Pure Bosnian Rakja and Else became a Dancing Robot.
And everybody Else became Pinapples.

We are really thankful to Iva and Nikola to invited us and letting us be part of theis special day full of emotions, drinks, and A LOT OF FOOD! (Lamb at 1 in the morning....I'm in Heaven)

segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2016


How soon is soon?!
Well, it took a bit more time to this second post to come out.
It means it is well cooked…!

First things first: one of the subjects I promised for this second post was Aikido.
Well, I tried it! I went in some classes to learn -  about -  Aikido.
The classes were in croatian, so it was hard to understand the philosophie behind it. However, I learned a little, very little of the techniques...
But to je to.
 It was a very short love story.
Nevertheless, if, one day, I have another opportunity to learn more… I will!
I felt that Aikido could open some closed doors in my brain and my body, in general.

Second things second: Brazilactica? Well… next Saturday we will do a flashmob to promote our festival Brazilactica that will happen from the 5th to the 8th of may.
We are now focused working on it.
Some of the activities are already structured. And I am really happy that we will be able to count with the participation of the portuguese language students!
Portuguese language is so, so pretty… it has to be shared and listened.
I am not saying nada, I am not a spoiler at all!

The easter vacations were very calm… for me, at least! Else had thousand and one adventures.
She will tell you about.
A bit late, but I did it: with my bosnian BFF I did the Easter traditional “fight” of the pretty eggs (each of us have their own pretty (because they are cooked wrapped in leaves, and with onion or others dyes) egg and we hit one against the other and wins the one that – of course – don’t break.
Anto won… well, we have to know that he has 26 years of experience in fighting with pretty eggs!
In this competition the beginner’s luck didn’t work out… Maybe in the balkans this doesn’t work like that.
It’s so good this never-knowing-how-it-will-be feeling.
I will miss Croatia… or, maybe not… maybe, in the end, I will stay!
“That’s it, Tânia… you are catching the croatian never-knowing-how-it-will-be feeling pretty good!” – said my personal Mrs Learning. 

sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2016

Ceci est un double post.


This two weeks I have been in a battle inside myself: I started to inform myself about the refugees crisis, and this made my soul travel until every camp, specially, the ones in Greece.
It’s more clear for me now, how we can be so alienated… how I could be so alienated!
From now on I will be informed and act whenever I can.
And, in fact, Else and I (with the help of lots of friends from Spain, Portugal, and Croatia (and foreigners in Croatia) we did this video against the EU-Turkey Deal:

It was pretty to see how people can be together and fight for the same thing, walk in the same direction. Yes, utopia is not this utopia concept we all seem to know… I am starting to understand that!
It seems that life becomes much more clear when you are 30, at least I believe and feel that. I mean, it is a bit a contradiction because, at the same time, you feel you understand less and less about the things around you, but you start to understand better your inner world. Like if it was two diferent portions: you and the world around you. The challenge is to find the balance to put them in harmony.
Good luck on that, dear me!

Anyway… you would maybe want to know what we have been up to this last weeks, no?

I can give you some clues: Aikido, Brazilactica, hicthhiking…

Wait for the part 2 of this post. It will come soon!

terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

"1 million women were found walkin' alone in Zagreb"

This is dedicated to all the women that I know that are working hard day by day to make a change:

The other day I woke up with a weird feeling in my body, in the "inside body" and looked on the internet, check a little the news as every morning and suddently what did I see?, there was an article that didn't understand so good what it was trying to tell me, because it was in big letters "TWO WOMEN TRAVELING ALONE" and over and over the thing was repeated "this two girls, they were young friends and they were travelling alone".......... For me, there was something in the sentences that was not working good, and I realise what it was: IT WAS THE WORD "ALONE" what was not working good... 

If they were two of them, what the hell means they were alone?

One was traveling to one part of the world and the other one to the other part, exactly the oposite? The fact is that NO. This girls were traveling together, what all this media wanted to say was 

"This two girls were traveling without a MAN"

And this "without a man" turns women "alone"...this conception of "alone" took me back to my childhood, I remember that day that me and my brother got lost in the supermarket because we wanted to see the toys (for village kids, a supermarket is pure science fiction). In this moment i remember we went to the security guy (it was a man, back then the security women were not invented in Spain yet), and this guy said on the microphone 

"we found two kids that were walking alone, we are looking for their parents"

Even in this moment, my big brother was consider "alone" being with me, because we were kids, kids that didn't know how to deal with the big world, we didn't know how to go back home neither where was the part of that big monster mall were our mum and dad were...didn't even know why we went there, what our mum and dad wanted to buy, so we were consider alone. "Alone" is a sence of "without the person in charge, without an authority that could lead you and take care of you".


What would the media say about this article: "54-year-old man is attacked while he is going to buy tobaco in the city" ? 
For sure, and following the logic thinking of the media seeing their reaction to the other article of the girls, we would expect something like: "This man was alone, he should not be alone" or "Tobaco is killing more people that we expected" or "Never go out of home because buying tobaco is a risk you better call police to bring it to you home".

The fact that in the new "Two girls are attacked because they were traveling alone", they are saying that the main problems are "being alone" and "traveling", and this makes exactly the same example as for the previous new, so...why is it so different in our brains? Why being a woman is much more dangerous than being a man? Because we have a hole where man can put their pennis? Men also have a hole and i'm not listening that they are being raped all the time...

I just wanted to say that I'm tired!

Tired of being weak
Tired of being alone
Tired of being in danger
Tired of feeling afraid
Tired of people that thinks than can tell me what to do
Tired of jokes
Tired of being "bossy"
Tired of not feeling good walking or dancing or running or being strong or being so weak
Tired of my skirt being so short or so long; of my make up being too much or too less
Tired of my body being to fat but my tits and ass so small
Tired of "i'm not feminist, I think women should be treated like princess"
Tired of waiting for somebody to kill my dragon and being aware of the prince not to rape me
Tired of being small, of my vagina to be "little" and "soft" like a butterfly
Tired of pinky things and girly stuffs
Tired of "Else is so cool, you can speak with about sex, drugs, whatever! It's like a man"

Little by little we are more and more the tired girls that want to be free, and the media would see how alone we are when we are millions all over the world, they would see how alone and afraid we would be in this moment. How alone we would be, and then, maybe instead of telling women to stay at home, just MAYBE we would start to teach men how "NOT TO RAPE" and "NOT TO KILL", and if not, you would see how there won't be plastic bags enough for shuting our mouths up!

Now come, and wish me "happy women day", take the same "christmas" and change the words: "hope you enjoy your women life of scare and rapism", "hope you enjoy being alone".

This day remindes me of all my partners that had been killed this last year by their "MEN", by their "PRINCES", that were going to saved them from their dragons and they become the Dragon.

If loneliness is being with other women then: 


C'mon Snow White, let's take our asses out of here!